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We Do Guild.


Distribute your

content, gather a

following, and get

paid to support

your audience

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Welcome to 

the next level

of gaming

Guilddo aims to reinvent the way gamers manage their gaming teams (guilds), recruit players and manage long-term meaningful connections with the friends you game with by helping to keep you connected. By saving you time and the headaches that come with guild management or for those seeking a guild, Guilddo gives gamers back that time so they can spend more of it doing what they enjoy most (gaming).

With Guilddo's powerful streamlined features and toolset, gamers can more easily manage their events and rosters. Being able to gather an audience, promote your guild and get more traffic to it for recruiting will help take your guild to the next level. Features such as the lexicon, make it easy for your guild to keep up to date on the latest gaming stats and information needed to remain relevant in the competitive gaming world.

Best of all, you can get paid to do what you love most - whether it be playing your favorite game, kicking ass with your guild, or creating new art to share with the world.


A platform above the rest

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The Timeline


  • Launch Beta Platform

  • Test system and build traffic to self sustain

  • Develop iOS and Android apps



  • Add additional features and functions

  • New ideas and revenue streams


  • New spin-off ventures

  • System expansion + video game

  • Implementation of eSports



  • To be announced

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  • What are gems for?
    There are 2 currencies on the platform. Gold and gems. Gold is earned mostly through the platform by completing quests and achievements that are based on interaction, while gems are purely a paid option. Guilddo is completely free-to-use, but adding gems gives you customization options and special features that can be beneficial both to you and your guild.
  • When is the Beta?
    There will be 2 phases, an Alpha and a Beta phase. While dates aren't definitive, we estimate Alpha to launch mid-July, with a Beta in early September.
  • Do I need to fill out all the info to apply to Beta?
    Not all fields are required, however, the more that is provided, the better your approval odds are. We do not sell your information. The info provided is specifically for evaluation and determination of your Beta application. Requirements will be eased more for the Beta so even if you don't make it into the Alpha round, you can still make it into the Beta round. We encourage everyone to apply even if they don't want to submit all the info in the form, or simply take the extra time to set up a LinkedIn account and fill out the form in its entirety if you desire to get into the Alpha.
  • Can my guild join the Beta with me?
    Everyone must apply individually but we will prioritize getting all guild members in by the Beta at the latest. If we reach our Beta limit, then we will likely only make exceptions for guilds that are missing members at that point.
  • When will the full project launch?
    We anticipate the Beta phase to last about 4-6 weeks. The full project will launch immediately after that and any gems given from the promotional Beta sign-up offer will be credited once the platform launches.
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